About Us

LAERBIUM Pharma Ltd. is a company engaged in studies and research on cellular nutrition and herbal medicine.

It ‘was founded in 1999 by the passion of a group of university researchers (doctors, biologists, nutritionists and pharmaceutical chemicals) that have transferred their knowledge and academic skills.

It is based in Umbria (Perugia), a district called “the green heart of Italy” because of its geographical location, rich vegetation and land conservation (environmental and historical).

LAERBIUM Pharma designs and markets a series of dietary supplements (herbal remedies and nutraceuticals) and functional cosmetics (cosmeceuticals), adapted to the needs of major physiological balance, health and wellness.

The rational formula shall comply with the most current and qualified scientific literature (evidence-based), thus being able to provide some references. Particular attention is paid in the supply of herbal extracts, requiring suppliers to the analytical and technical documentation complies with all European standards and thus being able to provide the consumer with the highest quality standards.

Even the factories with we work in partnership, are able to provide the highest quality standards through continuous technological and human resources updating and quality procedures adopted.

All products are characterized by high efficiency, quality, and safety. We are looking for innovative raw materials and high-quality profile, requiring suppliers to analytical and technical documentation complies with all European standards.

Market their products through the pharmaceutical network and hospital supplies, in accordance with the provisions of the Italian regulations.

Our proven formulas are valid complementary remedies suitable to the doctor’s work; are distribuited into thematic areas corresponding to the physio-pathological problems most frequently. Intense scientific update is integrated by the activity of nutrition and health promotion, through conferences, seminars and refresher courses for doctors and health workers, on issues of cellular nutrition and herbal medicine.

Since 2011 Laerbium produce a wide range of product based on functional chocolate such as: sugar free choccolate; raw chocolate, chocolate bars added with mediterranean herbal extracts; chocolate bar added with probiotics.

Our products